Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mom day

I'm not dead, I will post something soon.... but until then watch this!

This is the cutest moms day video EVER!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving and moving to AZ!

This Thanksgiving was so fun. It was great to spend time with my family and friends! A friend from Utah was also having Thanksgiving with his family in AZ. He is the funniest guy and made the weekend so fun! I didn't take too many pictures, but here are a few things I was able to do. Lunch at Rosas with Elizabeth & Dan Ruden, Spencer Greer. Lunch with Liesel Bagley, see the Temple lights, make gingerbread houses, see Madagascar 2, and shopping!!! It was a great weekend and I am excited that next time I come home I don't have to go back to UTAH! I am moving back to AZ at Christmas time. I will be sad to leave Utah, it has been such a fun place, but I will be going to school full time in AZ and close to my family. I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Yearbookyourself dot com!!! er something

Hello friends! I didn't organize these pictures but this is just a quick update. I am moving this weekend to a house just a few blocks away from where I am right now. I will be living with Becca Hardie, (I met her in my ward this year and she is awesome) Ashley Dean (I have met her briefly she is great) and Katie Forrest (she is from Mesa, I went to high school with her brother Matt, she is just a doll) I am so excited to get to know these girls but I am going to miss Lauren so much, good thing she is moving a few houses down from me! *collage- Cali- Elise Lundquist and Drew Capeners wedding, Tiffany Lyons wedding, camping, Feist concert, Danny my little brother opening his call to Rochester New York mission! Rodeos, 4th of July!
Lehi Rodeo... Yeee Haw! Tiare, Adam, Steph, Becca, Matt, Steve, Amy, Richard

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seriously so blessed.....

This is the greatest thing since... something really funny.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Long update

I apologize in advance this is going to be a long one ;) Life is going well, and I am so excited for spring! The last 2 months have been exciting and eventful! I will just give a quick run down, along with pictures of what has been going on.

We had a shower for Melissa right after Conference, she got lots of good stuff for her little girl. This picture is of our cousins that came to the shower.

Danny came up last weekend to snowboard. Brian, and and I met up with Burkley Jensen, Maegan Hoyt, Tyler White. It was such a good day, the sun was out and the snow was great.

Matt's last Cold Stone for a whole month.... Matt is in India on business until May. We miss you Matt!!!

Lauren's birthday dinner at India Palace.

That night I wanted to go longboarding down 3rd south so I asked Mark Garbett to come. It was his first time and on our last time going down Mark got pulled over by a cop. I didn't know it was illegal to Longboard, but in Provo... it is. To make a long story short the cop was my cousin's husband and ended up not giving either of us a ticket. We had a little scare but it ended with us laughing about it and took a picture to remember it. You can't really see it but the cop car is behind us.

Color Festival! Every year this church in Spanish Fork has a color festival, I don't really know why they do it but it was fun to throw colors on eachother and get dirty!

Elizabeth was in Provo visiting and I got to spend the afternoon with her and Spencer Greer! We shopped, ate at J-dawgs, walked around BYU, and went to a baseball game and got some ice cream!

Disneyland!!! I got to go with Brodie and his fiance Lindsey for the weekend to Disneyland. My friend Roger Stimpson flew in and met up with us Friday. Matt Olsen just happened to be in Cali at the same time, Robyn Holland and Melissa Lundquist live in Cali and they spent the day with us too. It was such a fun trip!!!

A bunch of our friends came down to AZ to go to a spring training game!
Dan, Steph, Roger, Lauren

Most of us at the spring training game

Lauren Bluth, Taylor Hoyt, Steph

I got to visit with the Whiting's at Mesa Frozen before I went to California.

Sean and Erin! The happy couple!

My sisters and I

Stef came to Sean and Erin's reception and I could not believe how prego she was! She looked SOO cute!

Birthday dinner at Ottavios

Lauren and I on my birthday!

Colbie Caillat concert! My good friend Rosie got me 2 meet and greet concert tickets for Colbie! I took my roommate Lauren Bluth. It was a BLAST! She is great in concert.

Lauren and I were in love with her drummer. He was sooooo HOT!

Camille's 27th Birthday! We had a little get together at our club house.