Friday, August 29, 2008

Yearbookyourself dot com!!! er something

Hello friends! I didn't organize these pictures but this is just a quick update. I am moving this weekend to a house just a few blocks away from where I am right now. I will be living with Becca Hardie, (I met her in my ward this year and she is awesome) Ashley Dean (I have met her briefly she is great) and Katie Forrest (she is from Mesa, I went to high school with her brother Matt, she is just a doll) I am so excited to get to know these girls but I am going to miss Lauren so much, good thing she is moving a few houses down from me! *collage- Cali- Elise Lundquist and Drew Capeners wedding, Tiffany Lyons wedding, camping, Feist concert, Danny my little brother opening his call to Rochester New York mission! Rodeos, 4th of July!
Lehi Rodeo... Yeee Haw! Tiare, Adam, Steph, Becca, Matt, Steve, Amy, Richard